How to get all images from a word document

This article shows how to get all images from a word document

Sometimes you just want to save all images that are inside a Word document.
Saving the all manually can be a tedious task.
So here is how you can drastically speed up this task:

  1. Open the Word document in any recent version of Microsoft Word.
  2. Once opened, select “Save As”

    Word - Save as
    Word – Save as
  3. Next, select “Browse” and select Save as type: “Web Page, Filtered (*.htm; *.html)”

    Word - Save as Web Page
    Word – Save as Web Page
  4. Select save and navigate in Explorer to the folder where you saved the file.

    Exported images folder
    Exported images folder
  5. There are the exported images:

    Exported images
    Exported images


This article shows you how you can easily export all images included in a Word document without using any software other than Microsoft Word.
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