How to create a new Sinopia user

This tutorial will show you how to create a new Sinopia user.

In a previous tutorial we saw how to setup a private NMP repository with Sinopia.
Now we will see how to create a new Sinopia user in that private repository.

You can easily create a user both on the server and on the client by issuing this command:

Change the host and port appropriately.
On the next prompt:

  • specify the name and the password (twice).
  • Next you can specify an email address to be used for notifications.
  • Press enter to complete the user registration.

You can find the list of users and their hashed passwords in the htpasswd file which is located in the root folder of the Sinopia installation.

The newly created user cannot publish to the Sinopia server unless you allow this in the config.yaml file.
After a clean install of Sinopia you will have these settings in the config.yaml file:

In order to allow the new user to publish, you need to add the username to the allow_publish property, separated with a space:

or you can allow all authenticated users to publish:

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